Frequently Asked Questions

It's as simple as sending us your contact information through or fill up in the Business Opportunity section.
Yes, you can come by appointment! Do note, however, due to possible prior appointments scheduled, you may be delayed if you do not make an appointment.
The cost for distribution varies and the associated cost along with the options. Once your eligibility has been established, we would detail all of the applicable costs when you meet with us.
The initial consultation at our office is free of charge and without obligations. It is meant for you to find out more before deciding to register. Currently we do not consult our clients out of the office.
50 percent (%) advance and 50 percent (%) upon dispatch.
Depending on your desired shipping method, it can be delivered next day to a week. We hope you'll carry inventory, but if not, we'll do our best to get you what you need.
No. To be able to import goods to your city/state/country and become a distributor, you will need to have a registered legal entity. Interested individuals can become sales agents in the city/state/country if there are existing distributors. We will then link you to the distributor in the region if you are interested.
Yes, this is possible. However, distribution agreement is only signed once you place an order for MOQ amount. When you order a minimum of 250 units you will be classified as an ‘Aspiring Distributor’.
Yes, you can. However, then you will be our client and not an authorized (or aspiring) distributor
Exclusive Prices with attractive discounts Payment terms with letter of credit with deferred payment facility Marketing and Promotion Support Additional market access through Nehrasia Group’s international Network Access to future Nehrasia Group products Access to extensive documentation about experiences from other regions
Yes there is. The list of documents will be advised once the registration is completed. All legal cost will be borne by you according to their respective region of city/state/country.