Zeolite Herbals Pvt Ltd

Zeolite Herbals Private Limited is a company incorporated under the Companies Act in India. Situated in the City of Pune in the State of Maharashtra, Zeolite Herbals Private Limited is specialized in herbal cosmetic products. In a country which has the roots of Ayurvedha the production of herbal products is not a surprise but comes naturally.

In the fast moving world almost all people have lost their well-being and overlooked to be well. In the current scenario people tend to seek solutions immediately for any problem and instant remedy for all issues. As a task of taking back people closer to Mother Nature, Zeolite Herbals Private Limited is taking initiatives to evolve herbal cosmetics in public.

The products of Zeolite Herbals Private Limited include Body Sprays for Men, Body Sprays for Women, Foot Spray and other herbal cosmetic products. Zeolite Herbals Private Limited is managed by a team of professionals. Apart from dealing with the herbal products, the company is much interested in creating awareness about advantages of herbal products over chemical products.